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Ministère de l'Industrie
Langue : Francais


Société : TAOOC

Directeur Général : BELHADI OUSSAMA

Directeur Commercial : -

Activités :

Exportateur d'huile d'olive conditionnée

Adresse : Z.I.OUED ERRMAL 7100 LE KEF

Téléphone : +216 36 111 282 / +216 24 640 530

Fax : +216 78 228 207

The Tunisian American Olive Oil company (TAOOC) was created in 2013, its main specialty is the processing, packaging and export of organic olive oil under our brand name, OLIVNA, made from the best selected and hand-picked olives. We serve all olive oil tastes, strong medium and low.

We are endowed with the best packaging technologies using nitrogen injection   in order to guarantee the stability of the oil and avoid its oxidation. Our machinery is characterized by a production capability of 1000/hour and our production of olive oil oscillates between 500 and 1000 Tons. We also obtain other olives from other agricultures whose harvest are under our supervision. 

Certifications : FSSC 22000/ BIO EU/NOP

Marchés à l'export : USA, EU, JAPAN et SWITZERLAND

Prix concours : GOLD AWARD OLIVE JAPAN 2017