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10 Mai 2019

Tunisia at NRA Chicago: Exploring the potential of a bright city


Visit us in our pavilion N° 9405

At the the 100th Anniversary Restaurant Show, Tunisia will take part to the NRA Show, for the first time, in order to explore the potential of a bright city. Held in Chicago from 18 to 21 May, NRA is the place to explore everything that’s happening in the industry—from equipment and supplies to food & beverage to technology, it’s all there.


Olive growing for Tunisians is more than an agricultural activity. Anchored in women and men’s roots, it is a means of expression, a language of taste, crystallizing prose into a liquid with eclectic flavors.

When nature rhymes with culture, the result enchants and leads to recognition. This explains the multiple gold medals won in 2019 at the most prestigious international competitions such as SIQEV, BIOL, Los Angeles IOOC, New York IOOC and AVPA.

With more than thirty companies certified USDA Organic, Kosher, ECOCERT, FSMA and brands which successfully penetrated the Canadian and French market, Tunisia is ready to expand its commercial horizons to new demanding markets.

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