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06 Juin 2018

Olive Oil and the Ketogenic Diet


Studies on diabetes, obesity, weight loss and cholesterol have shown the ketogenic diet can have a positive impact on fighting the health issues of a dramatic proportion of the population and, when adopted safely and correctly, allows olive oil to be a regular part of a daily lifestyle.

The ketogenic diet is a diet based on the consumption of predominately fat, giving less emphasis to the other two macronutrients, particularly carbohydrates. While ratios vary depending on the individual and their goals, consumption typically consists of only five to ten percent carbohydrates, fifteen to thirty percent protein and the remainder of the diet is made up of fat.

The premise behind the diet is simple: a higher consumption of fat converts the body to using fat as its energy source instead of its default, carbohydrates. The body breaks down fat for fuel, turning it into ketones, or ketone bodies, which it can then use in a process known as ketosis.




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