République Tunisienne Tunisian Republic
Ministry of industry


Company : KANZARI

General Manager : Marwa Kanzari

Sales Manager : -

Activity :

Olive oil exporter 

Adresse : Oued El Khil - Pont du Fahs - BP33 - El Fahs 1140 - Zaghouan - Tunisia

PHONE NUMBER : +216 51 718 704

Fax : +216 71 669 279

From the familial product to the symbol of sustainable development

Refined and elegant, our extra virgin olive oil distinguishes thanks to its authentic and tasty quality. Cultivated from different varieties of olives, the picking is by hand from November to February depending on the variety.

Kanzari Estate took advantage of the land’s richness and brought a range of natural aromas with different fruity tastes. Over the years, our olive trees grew up and remains spoiled with love and care thanks to the weeding and hoeing processes.

Certifications: USDA Organic, ECO CERT