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Decoration of « The Tunisian Olive Oil Pavilion»

I-                   INTRODUCTION :


The Tunisian Packaging Technical Centre (PACKTEC) is in charge of the Tunisian Packaged Olive Oil Promotion program, under the aegis of the Tunisian Ministry of Industry, Small and Medium Enterprises.  


Our aim is to strengthen the fame of Tunisia as an olive oil producing country, to value the various Tunisian brands and to stimulate the olive oil demand on the International market.


The "Tunisian Olive Oil pavilion" contains a generic space dedicated to the promotion of the Tunisian olive oil brands and other spaces for the olive oil companies.



èConstruction agencies are invited to submit a proposal for the decoration space of the Tunisian pavilion at the show. 




-          The design should be Modern with an innovative concept, highlighting the evolution and the dynamic of the Tunisian food industry.

-          The space must be open, allowing an easy access for the visitors and containing displays and posters to strengthen the visibility of the Tunisian olive oil and to attract more visitors (colors, lighting , forms)

-          The booths should be made with wood texture

-          Sides must be very high (4m) and containing pictures of olive oil, Olive Trees

-          The separation’s partition between exhibitor’s booths should be small and illuminated, allowing an easy access to exhibitors

-          The hanging banner above the whole Tunisian pavilion should be illuminated

-          The carpet’s color  should be suitable to the whole design and the pavilion color

-          Pictures can be provided by PACKTEC (please see attached files)

-          One Booth size : 9 sq m :  3x3     /  Packtec  15 sq m: 5X3  

-          Total Booth size:   126 sqm: 9X6/8X9  

-          The pavilion Location at the show:  ZAABEEL  HALL- Fats and Oils 

-          Electricity: high lighting for all booths

-          Internet Connexion for all booths


Animation Program:

  • Cooking show
  • Distribution of promotional supports
  • Decoration of the generic space “Tunisian Olive Oil":


  • VIP Lounge to host officials and guests of the national pavilion, differing from the exhibitors' booths with elegant furniture. Materials should be attractive and must contribute to give Tunisia a modern image.
  • A plasma screen, an amplifier,  a tie speaker and a dvd player


  • For the cooking show:
    • A cooking counter (2.5 m) including : An electric hob (1 plate with glazed panels)
    • A Storage Room equipped with shelves, a worktop, a sink and water supply, a refrigerator  and a garbage can 
    • A table, 4 chairs,  shelves,   modern shop window




  • Decoration of the co-exhibitor Booths:  
    • Each company should have: A sign containing its name, a counter, a table, 4 chairs, a modern shop window, shelves, a garbage can.
    • 2 posters
    • Small Storage



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